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Free xbox live subscription with xbox live gratuit

Xbox live codes have taken the world of gaming by storm. Buying the device and the games entitle you to make an account with Xbox online. It is better to use internet explorer for that purpose. With this account, now you can not only play online but you can also get xbox live gold gratuit. This is like the cherry on the top of your cake. Most of us do not like to pay for that Cherrie. Being in France means that when creating an Xbox account use the name of the country you are in. Now Microsoft has made a pilot program that lets you change the name of the country for your account. Xbox Live is currently available in 42 countries and France is one of them. In France, it is available as both free and subscription based service.


Canal is a French TV channel that is the hybrid of both analog and internet based. It supports open tv networks. It can provide both free and gold based subscription for Xbox live codes. Microsoft lets you have a free trial month of Xbox live codes. For that, the steps are quite simple. You will sign into your Xbox account at the Xbox website. You select the Get Gold Subscription’. Here you will confirm your mode of payment but select one month’s free trial. Later, you wait for the confirmation. After the free trial, one can get another chunk of 48 hours. Once you get done with the sections of Xbox live code, you will choose no thanks’ option, you get your free Xbox live code valid for 48 hours minimum. Then you select redeem prepaid card or Promotional code. At next prompt, one can enter the code and you are good to go.

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